South River Indoor Golfers Club

10 Year Anniversary Upgrades featuring Apogee Launch Monitor and the latest from E6 Golf:

The private club is a place to play golf indoors year round.  Our golf simulator features over 150 world class golf courses to play, and a three hole indoor putting green, golfers and those who wish to learn how to golf now have a place to play, practice and improve their golf game 365 days a year.

Personal coaching sessions now available Wednesdays through June with Indoor Golfers Club founder Todd Lucier.  Todd has a degree in Human Kinetics specializing in biomechanics.

Private Club open to Lifetime Members and their guests.

NEW memberships are limited.  Start by becoming a new customer on the sign up form and purchase a membership.
One time lifetime membership fee with key is just $99 + HST.

We created this gathering place for any number of really good reasons. Pick yours and join us . . .

. . . because Scotland is just too far away. . . . because winter is just too darned long. . . . because I can’t curl as well as I golf . . . and bowling, well it’s bowling. . . . because I miss my golf buddies in winter. . . . because work is so _____________ (fill in the blank).
. . . because retirement is so _____________ (fill in the blank).
. . . because school is so _________________ (fill in the blank). . . . because this year, I’m going to play my best golf ever.
Opened Feb,  2014, we welcome golfers of all sorts, beginners and club champions, juniors and seniors, men and women. If you’ve got a place in your heart for the great game of golf, gather your closest friends and join us. You are welcome here.

Contact Us

100 Ottawa Ave., South River, ON, P0A 1X0 Text us today to arrange a tour: (705) 498-9784 Learn more about terms and conditions regarding tee times and learn about how it all works with FAQs and the Players Handbook,