Frequently Asked Questions

About Indoor Golf

What is a golf simulator?
It’s virtual golf with your golf clubs, golf balls and all the realism you hope for in an indoor environment.  Tee off as the sun rises, play in bright mid-day sun, or close your round at dusk, the choice is yours. For the most realistic simulation possible, E6 software on our system utilizes the most detailed, accurate high-res GPS terrain data and imaging. Play your favourite courses under sunny skies or watch a rain shower roll in. Weather settings can even be randomized. And wind and weather adjustments directly affect the ball flight, just like in the real world.

How does it work?
The system uses four high-speed cameras to capture ball speed, trajectory, angle and flight path. The system captures ball flight data at the incredible rate of 2000 frames per second giving as accurate ball flight data as possible.  When your ball is struck, you’ll see a realistic image of your ball continue traveling down the fairway or towards the green on the screen.  The system even lets golfers chip and putt.  Some golfers hit shots in the simulator but use the indoor green to putt out.

Is it easy to use?
We’ve designed the South River Indoor Golfers Club so members can walk in and get started all by themselves.  Controls are all accessed by a single touch-screen panel, with easy-to-follow menus and buttons. It’s designed to be so easy even kids can do it.  Members can receive training in how to operate the system at a new member orientation session. Download the Indoor-Golf-User-Manual.

How long does it take to play a round of 18 holes?
A round of golf at a world-class golf course takes about an hour per player. A foursome will take up to 4 hours to play a full 18 hole game at the South River Indoor Golfers Club.  This assumes players are playing a course that matches their playing ability.  Beginners can opt for shorter courses with fewer trees and water hazards.

Where is this place?
100 Ottawa Ave., South River, ON.  See the map for driving directions.

Who’s bright idea was this?  Todd Lucier, Bob Weaver and Chris Hundley have been looking for a place to play and practice golf year round.  Since no-one else would take on the challenge we decided it was time to do something about it.  The facility and it’s online registration and guest management services is provided by Todd’s company, Northern Edge Algonquin – with an office right across the hall from the club.  Got a question or want a tour, stop in and ask how it all works – text us .

What to Bring / Not Bring

Do I have to wear golf shoes?
No, indoor running shoes are fine. Absolutely no outdoor footwear allowed in the club.  Use the shoe/boot matt outside the club for outdoor shoes.

Do I need to bring my own golf clubs?
We have a few sets of clubs guests can borrow, most everyone brings their own clubs.  Sharing is fine too.

Where can I get something to eat or drink?
We’ve talked to the local shops and there are posters in the club identifying those that will deliver meals and snacks to the club. Give them a ring. Guests and members can also bring their own snacks and drinks. Please clean up after yourselves and use the receptacles provided.

Can I bring my own alcohol?
NO. Members who bring alcohol into the club will forfeit any membership rights. Guests consuming alcohol in the club will be required to leave without compensation.

Is smoking allowed in the club?
Smoking is illegal in public areas in Ontario. Smokers are asked to smoke at least thirty feet from the doors to the building.

Green Fees

How do I pay?
Pay in advance for tee times with credit card online.  Cash purchases and leaving money on your account for future use can be done at Northern Edge Algonquin office (across the hall from the South River Indoor Golfers Club at 100 Ottawa Ave.) during regular business hours. Exact change appreciated.

What’s the minimum amount of time I can book the simulator for?
One hour.

What if I leave before my time is up?
Unfortunately we have no method of refunding unused golf simulator time.

Since I pay ahead can I get a refund if I have to cancel?
We offer a 100% refund of credit to your account for future use/rebooking for cancellations with at least four hours notice before your booked tee time.  Email: or change or cancel your tee time in the members area.  Cancellations within four hours of scheduled tee times are not refundable.

What if the power goes out or there is some other problem?
Unused time is credited to the user account for a future visit.

What am I paying for?
Members and guests are paying for the time they use the space, not the number of games they play.  Play as many holes as your booked time allows.

What happens if the power goes out?
Pro-rated simulator credit will be provided if the power goes out during your scheduled tee time. A back up power supply is designed to keep the simulator operating in case of power surges or interruptions in power lasting only a few minutes. If the power goes out for longer than 5 minutes, email for a credit towards future tee times.


If it’s not staffed, how do members and guests get access to the club?
Members are given a key to the club so they can enter and use the simulator or putting practice area any time / any day between 7:30 am – 10 pm.

Can I lend my key?
NEVER. The key permitting member entry to the club cannot be shared with others. Member must remain present with guests he/she has invited to the club. Members are responsible for their key at all times.

What happens if I lose my key?
Really, you need to ask that? Members who lose their key will need to pay the cost of the lost key and purchase another one to maintain full member privileges.

Can I just walk in and play?
Members can. If the simulator is available, come on by any time during operating hours: 8 am – 10 pm. Book and pay for your tee time. Play. Easy.

Is there a discount for Juniors or Seniors?
No. The simulators are booked by time. Juniors can play with a member at the member rate. Club members and guests are all equal.

How old do I have to be to be a member?
16 years of age.

General Golf Questions

How young can you be to play on the simulator?
All ages can play golf in the simulator. Children (under age 16) must be supervised by at least one adult member of the club.

Can I just come and watch?
Members can (if there is room). Casual observers and general public are not invited to watch golf inside the club.

What kind of games can I play?
There is a wide variety of golf scoring games that can be played – Most folks play stroke play, but there is also Stableford, Best Ball, Scramble, Alternate Shot, Match Play and many others.

Can I play a partial game?
Sure. Play, Practice. Each hour is yours to use as you wish.

Is there at driving range?
In the simulator there are a range of practice options including driving range and chipping area.  Players can also switch to practice in the middle of a game if they wish.  Want to try that sixty yard approach on #18 at Pebble Beach over and over again.  You can!

Can I warm up before I start?
There is enough time for everyone to take a few practice shots before heading to the first tee. Arrive early and practice putting on the indoor green prior to your tee time too. There is no charge.

Do I have to play a full round?
You can use the hours you play any way you like. Practice or play. Two golfers can book an hour. Groups of four need to book a minimum of two hours of simulator time (enough time to play 9 holes)