Player’s Handbook

Welcome Golfers.

This is our private club and shared home.  Members and our guests appreciate having a clean, well-maintained place to escape to.  Let’s keep it that way.  The following procedures are in place to ensure members and their guests have a safe, enjoyable golf simulator experience.

We have made significant investments in providing this golf opportunity for members at the lowest price possible and we invite all members to play responsibly.

  • Our club is remotely monitored and operates on the trust economy.  Pay before you play – All tee times must be booked in advance.  Members are invited to arrive up to 10 minutes prior to scheduled tee time to get prepared.

  • Members and guests agree to pay for the time booked plus any additional time used.   Members are requested to voluntarily make top up payments for additional playing time they use according to the following schedule:

    +1-5 minutes (no charge)
    +6-30 minutes ($15)
    +31-60 minutes ($30)
    +61-90 minutes ($45)
    +91-120 minutes ($60)
    If you play extra time, email payment to within 24 hours of your scheduled tee time.
    In the event we need to request payment for additional tee time (for payments not made within 24 hours), members agree to pay double the additional time charges listed.
    Using the simulator outside of booked and paid tee time, or failure to pay for additional use of tee time may result in suspension or termination of membership without compensation.
  • No alcohol permitted in the club at any time.

  • Take care of the club.  Put waste in containers provided.  Clean up after yourselves. If you bring it in, please bring it home.

  • 24 hours cancellation time preferred. Please call ahead or visit your private membership area if need to change your tee time.  Players MUST CANCEL at least 4 HOURS BEFORE THE SCHEDULE RESERVATION TO CANCEL OR CHANGE A BOOKING with credit.  Cancellation or changes within 4 hours will require full payment for time booked.

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to get ready to play.  If ready to start early, finish early.  Finish one minute early instead of one minute late whenever possible.  Watch the clock to know when your time is ending.  If playing extra time, arrange for payment by email to

  • NO OUTDOOR FOOTWEAR.  Leave outdoor shoes on the mat provided outside the club door. Keep our club clean and dry. Guests must bring indoor shoes and leave outdoor shoes on the shoe rack outside the club. Golf shoes or running shoes are fine but NO METAL SPIKES (no real golfer still has these do they?)

  • At least one responsible adult per 3 under 16 year-old facility guests.

  • Golfers acknowledge The South River Indoor Golfers Club is under video surveillance.  Tampering with camera system or damaging equipment by not following procedures in the Players Handbook will result in financial compensation being paid to the South River Indoor Golfers Club.

  • Members providing access to non-members without being present themselves may have membership terminated.  Members playing without prebooking and paying for their full tee time may have membership terminated.  Members overstaying their booked tee time may have membership terminated,
  • Guests and members acknowledge that photography and/or video may be recorded and used for promotional purposes without compensation.

  • Bring your own clubs. Please make sure club faces are clean before play.

  • Keep food and drinks outside the simulator bay. NO FOOD OR DRINK INSIDE SIMULATOR at any time!

  • Players are responsible for the equipment inside the simulators.  No swinging clubs outside of the simulators for safety reasons.

  • The putting area is for putting practice. Absolutely no chipping is allowed. Members may use the putting area any time at no additional charge. Guests are welcome to use the putting area prior to a booked tee time.

  • If you bring it into the club, bring it home. Keeping costs down requires members and guests to do their part keeping our club neat and tidy. Clear the tables and chairs before you leave.

  • No pets allowed.

  • Children are only allowed in the room when using the simulator or putting area under direct adult supervision.

  • Member’s watching others play are welcome in the viewing area if there is space available.   Guests can arrive 10 minutes before their tee time.   Non-playing guests must have prior permission to be in the viewing area.

  • Have fun! (yes, that’s a rule)

Play safe.

  • Exterior doors to the club must remain closed while the simulator is in use.

  • Before you swing any club, check your surroundings (monitor, other players etc.) to ensure no one or obstacle is within your range of swing.

  • Only one person in a simulator at a time.
  • Be aware of your backswing and follow through at all times.

  • Your shot must be directed forward.

  • Swinging should always take place near hitting area of the mat.

  • Practice swings must be done in the designated hitting areas.

  • Be alert of where you stand or walk and stay out of someone’s range of swing.

  • Report any accidents immediately.

Members and Guests are financially responsible for any damage caused by failure to follow the directions of the Players Handbook or Waiver. Failure to abide by any of the above procedures may result in cancellation of the remainder of your paid simulator time without compensation.

E6 Connect Manual displays all topics related to operating the E6 Connect simulator software.